Descriptions Technical Specifications
Unit Name ART24
Cooling Capacity @35ᵒC
Heating Capacity @Q80ᵒC
Driven by Crankshaft 20700Kcal (24000Watt)
Cooling Refrigerant R134a
Operation Ambient Temperature Min 15 ᵒC(±2)
Operation Ambient Temperature Max 43 ᵒC(±2)
Evaporator Unit Size 1810 x 1660 x 250 mm
Condenser Unit Size
Condenser Weight 92 Kg.
Evaporator Weight
Installation Kit Weight 35 Kg.
Compressor Type Piston Type
Air Flow Rate of Condenser 8600m3/h    @0 mmH2O
Air Flow Rate of Evaporator 4200m3/h    @0 mmH2O
Fresh Air Optional
Front Box Optional
Power Supply 50A@24V DC